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" Birth As We Know It" FILM NIGHTS

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This is a great way to get introduced to Elena's work, which is naturally profound. Elena will be coming to Ireland in 2011 to hold a 2/4 day Birthshop, as well as the apprentice training- A RARE and Special Opportunity!!!

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N. IRELAND BIRTHSHOP's and Apprenticeship Training
3-6 & 3-12 November 2011

To release & heal the negative programming you received at birth.

Local accommodations- B&B, Shared self catering, or family homes available, contact me.

See video interviews and testimonials, links here:

Excerpt from article The Limbic Imprint by Elena:

"To better understand the term "limbic imprint," let's look at the basic structure of our brain. At the tip of the spinal cord there is a segment called the reptilian brain, responsible purely for the physiological functions of the body. That's the part of the brain that still remains functional when a person is in a coma, for example, in a "vegetable" state, - the basic physiology of the body is still going on, women even keep menstruating and can continue with gestation if they are pregnant.

Then there is the cortex, usually referred to as the "gray matter," responsible for our mental activity. That's what we routinely call "the brain", - the part of the brain responsible for our cognitive functions: logic, calculating, planning...

And then we have the limbic system of the brain, responsible for our emotions, sensations and feelings.

Limbic imprinting happens in that part of the brain, which is not directly connected with the cortex, responsible for cognitive memory. During gestation, birth and early childhood, the limbic system registers all of our sensations and feelings, without translating it into the language of cortex, simply because it’s not developed yet. That memory lives in the body through out the rest of our life whether we know of it or not.

We come into this world wide-open to receive love. When we do receive it, as our first primal experience, our nervous system is limbically imprinted – “programmed” with the undeniable rightness of being. Being held in the mother's loving arms, feeding from her breast and seeing the great joy in father's eyes, provides us with the natural sense of bliss and security; it sets the world as the right place for us to be in. ... (text missing)

Historically, most of the masterpieces of human culture reflect the drama of life - jealousy, greed, lust, hate, lost dreams, unrealized potential,- Shakespeare's plays, centuries of paintings, classical music - are very beautiful ways of speaking about human despair. Only a small fraction of cultural heritage speaks of Love, Beauty and Fulfillment. Why is that?

I think it's because the flow of creative juices is determined by how we feel and experience life. And how we experience life is greatly determined by our limbic imprint. That imprint defines our likes and dislikes, what we find beautiful, attractive and what repels us.

So, from what I understand about it, in order to give birth to an enlightened masterpiece, whether it would take a form of a human baby or a beautiful poem, or a healthy garden, or simply a rich, fulfilling day that was worth living--one must first experience being birthed in Love. And for those of us who were born long time ago into a less then ecstatic situation, we need to find ways of healing our own birth trauma that was our driving force from day one. Healthy, loving self-parenting CAN neutralize most of the damage.

There are many ways of recovery of our sense of wellbeing, and I am offering one of them in my birthshops. ..."

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Birthing Beauty Belly Dance

Space limited, Pre-registration essential!
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Each date has similar theme with individualized aims

Upcoming Dates:
16 March 2010, Crescent Arts Centre


Birthing Beauty Belly Dance

with Julia Lyn Waters
Tuesday 16 March • 7.30pm-9.15pm
Using breath, movement, and sound, we will open to our bodies wisdom, creative power and sensuality in a playful atmosphere. Celebrating the ancient dance of sisterhood while honouring all we are conceiving, gestating, and birthing. Prerequisite: open mind & willing heart. Registration essential.
E: aquajewel33@btinternet.com

Belly Dance is a fun, beautiful, and healing art for every stage in our journey as women- assisting ALL we are conceiving, gestating, and birthing

Birthing Beauty ~ A play-shop offering

Honoring birth as a woman's initiatory mystery, we will explore through movement, meditation, and story the spiritual link to unborn potential and the Art of Birthing Beauty.

"Welcome to this Space
Where through Story we shall
Grace our Leading Lady
Birthing Beauty"

Birth is a powerful metaphor for everything we are creating...be it an idea, a project, a person, or ourselves. Playing with birth metaphorically and literally, we use the power of story as a container for timely and essential concepts, such as 'conscious conception', natural 'free birth' and opening to the possibility of ecstatic birthing. Shifting our paradigm
from laborious painful effort to flowing In gratitude, from externalized dependency to trusting ourselves and our bodies wisdom.
Moving and breathing life into our bodies and imaginations through the evocative tale of 'Birthing Beauty', we may connect our inner world to the landscape of the story.. Through the dark wood to the enchanted waters we explore the energies and muscles which cradle and nurture life, compassion, playfulness and pleasure.
A journey for those curious in fairy tales, movement, transformation, self-empowerment, conscious birth, or birthing beauty into the world.

Spiritual Midwifery~

4 May 2009 at the Beltane Fire Festival

A Great Day Out!!!!

Offered in the afternoon:
Spiritual Midwifery:
Honoring birth as a woman's initiatory mystery, we will explore through movement, meditation, and story the spiritual link to the unborn and
the art of Birthing Beauty.

"Welcome to this Space
Where through Story we shall
Grace our Leading Lady
Birthing Beauty"

Ballydugan Mill
Downpatrick N.Ireland

Secrets of the Earth Beltane/May Day Festival

See www.secretsoftheearth.com/events.htm for
the wonderful events of the day into evening

Celebrating The Mother
A day of awareness, experience, and expansion
Saturday, 21 March 2009

11:30-12:15.............. Birthing Beauty Belly Dance

The ancient vocabulary of bellydance has long been used to strengthen and vitalize the womb, and prepare the body naturally to birth. For birth, fun, excercise or empowerment, dancing together as women builds connection to ourselves and the mother in us ALL. No experience necessary. Bring scarf for hips if have one and be prepared to take off shoes.

1:15-2:00....................Spiritual Midwifery

Going beyond the Physical and Mental experience of Birth, this talk will explore the spiritual link between mothers and their unborn babies. A variety of diciplines will weave together the value of this connection and a brief guided visualization will be included- no baby required!!!

3:00-3:45...........Harmony is Born at Home- Creating Peace for Birth and Baby

Exploring peaceful and nourishing possibilities to assist us and the children of the future. This panel discussion will cover many topics from superfoods for super babies to creating a safe birthing environment and beyond! A combination of provocative info and personal experiences will make this an interesting feast.


Cost: £5 per session or £10 entire day (entrance to festival free)

Childcare for talks might be arranged, please contact if interested. Babies and toddlers welcome, with respect to noise. Ideally, bring friend/family to enjoy the festival with the wee ones!

n between sessions, enjoy the SPRING CRAFT FESTIVAL on the lovely grounds of the HOLYWOOD RUDOLF STEINER SCHOOL~ craft fair, market stalls, children's activities and lunch or nibbles from the cafe...
A beautiful day out for the whole family~come buy or create some mothers day gifts or spring-time decorations. 11-4

RSVP/Contact: Julia aquajewel33@btinternet.com