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" Birth As We Know It" FILM NIGHTS

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This is a great way to get introduced to Elena's work, which is naturally profound. Elena will be coming to Ireland in 2011 to hold a 2/4 day Birthshop, as well as the apprentice training- A RARE and Special Opportunity!!!

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N. IRELAND BIRTHSHOP's and Apprenticeship Training
3-6 & 3-12 November 2011

To release & heal the negative programming you received at birth.

Local accommodations- B&B, Shared self catering, or family homes available, contact me.

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Excerpt from article The Limbic Imprint by Elena:

"To better understand the term "limbic imprint," let's look at the basic structure of our brain. At the tip of the spinal cord there is a segment called the reptilian brain, responsible purely for the physiological functions of the body. That's the part of the brain that still remains functional when a person is in a coma, for example, in a "vegetable" state, - the basic physiology of the body is still going on, women even keep menstruating and can continue with gestation if they are pregnant.

Then there is the cortex, usually referred to as the "gray matter," responsible for our mental activity. That's what we routinely call "the brain", - the part of the brain responsible for our cognitive functions: logic, calculating, planning...

And then we have the limbic system of the brain, responsible for our emotions, sensations and feelings.

Limbic imprinting happens in that part of the brain, which is not directly connected with the cortex, responsible for cognitive memory. During gestation, birth and early childhood, the limbic system registers all of our sensations and feelings, without translating it into the language of cortex, simply because it’s not developed yet. That memory lives in the body through out the rest of our life whether we know of it or not.

We come into this world wide-open to receive love. When we do receive it, as our first primal experience, our nervous system is limbically imprinted – “programmed” with the undeniable rightness of being. Being held in the mother's loving arms, feeding from her breast and seeing the great joy in father's eyes, provides us with the natural sense of bliss and security; it sets the world as the right place for us to be in. ... (text missing)

Historically, most of the masterpieces of human culture reflect the drama of life - jealousy, greed, lust, hate, lost dreams, unrealized potential,- Shakespeare's plays, centuries of paintings, classical music - are very beautiful ways of speaking about human despair. Only a small fraction of cultural heritage speaks of Love, Beauty and Fulfillment. Why is that?

I think it's because the flow of creative juices is determined by how we feel and experience life. And how we experience life is greatly determined by our limbic imprint. That imprint defines our likes and dislikes, what we find beautiful, attractive and what repels us.

So, from what I understand about it, in order to give birth to an enlightened masterpiece, whether it would take a form of a human baby or a beautiful poem, or a healthy garden, or simply a rich, fulfilling day that was worth living--one must first experience being birthed in Love. And for those of us who were born long time ago into a less then ecstatic situation, we need to find ways of healing our own birth trauma that was our driving force from day one. Healthy, loving self-parenting CAN neutralize most of the damage.

There are many ways of recovery of our sense of wellbeing, and I am offering one of them in my birthshops. ..."

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