Birthing Beauty ~ A play-shop offering

Honoring birth as a woman's initiatory mystery, we will explore through movement, meditation, and story the spiritual link to unborn potential and the Art of Birthing Beauty.

"Welcome to this Space
Where through Story we shall
Grace our Leading Lady
Birthing Beauty"

Birth is a powerful metaphor for everything we are it an idea, a project, a person, or ourselves. Playing with birth metaphorically and literally, we use the power of story as a container for timely and essential concepts, such as 'conscious conception', natural 'free birth' and opening to the possibility of ecstatic birthing. Shifting our paradigm
from laborious painful effort to flowing In gratitude, from externalized dependency to trusting ourselves and our bodies wisdom.
Moving and breathing life into our bodies and imaginations through the evocative tale of 'Birthing Beauty', we may connect our inner world to the landscape of the story.. Through the dark wood to the enchanted waters we explore the energies and muscles which cradle and nurture life, compassion, playfulness and pleasure.
A journey for those curious in fairy tales, movement, transformation, self-empowerment, conscious birth, or birthing beauty into the world.

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